Take Direct Action: End the War in Iraq

5 01 2008

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The Iraq war needs to end. The majority of the American public and global community opposes this senseless conflict. It is up to us to actively confront the political and economic interests behind the war, and demand an immediate and unconditional end to the war in Iraq.




On March 19, 2008, it will have been five years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Five years in which opposition has grown amongst the people that this war is supposedly being fought for. Polls by Zogby and the Univ. of Maryland in 2006 found that 74% of Iraqi Shias, 91% of Sunnis, and 72% of U.S. troops in Iraq wanted the U.S. to withdraw within the next year. And a December 2007 poll by NBC found that 57% of Americans want the U.S. to withdraw from Iraq by early 2009.

And yet, the killing goes on. A Johns Hopkins study found that violence claimed the lives of over 600,000 Iraqis between 2003 and 2006 – almost as many people as live in San Francisco.

But it’s not just Iraq that’s being torn apart by the U.S. war machine. According to data from the U.S. OMB, our government has spent over $2.8 trillion on the military since 2003 – and this uncontrolled spending has crippled our society. March 19, 2008, provides us with a key opportunity to think about what we would do with $2.8 trillion – for example, provide universal health care, rebuild schools in disadvantaged communities, or build new houses for the New Orleans residents displaced by Katrina.

But our government, ignoring our protests against massive cuts to social programs, instead pours money into empire-building – into expanding its military, political, and economic power over the people of the world. Our government is attacking Iraq, and at the same time is fighting a war against poor people and communities of color, both in America and throughout the world. These two wars are in fact one and the same, and each of them fuels the other. We must put an end to both.

However, the warmakers that run this country have refused to listen to us. Permitted street marches and electoral campaigns alone cannot bring this war to an end. It is up to us to organize nonviolent direct actions that will send a clear message to the economic and political interests behind this war: We will actively confront you every step of the way until the U.S. withdraws its troops from Iraq.




Direct Action to Stop the War is a decentralized, unaffiliated network of Bay Area affinity groups and individuals. As we did five years ago, we are again taking direct action against warmakers in the Bay Area. However, unlike five years ago, we are now in a situation in which the occupation of Iraq has proven to be a disaster, many Iraqis are resisting the occupation, and U.S. troops and the American people are increasingly rejecting the war. As never before, we have the power to end the war in Iraq.

We are asking you to join us at our next organizing meeting, and help plan a city-wide day of coordinated, decentralized, and nonviolent direct actions on March 19, against government warmakers and corporate war profiteers in downtown San Francisco. We hope that you will join or create an affinity group, and plan your own direct action against a government, military, or corporate target. And if you want to help out but don’t want to be arrested, please come to our organizing meetings and help us organize, or just show up at Market & Sansome on March 19.

Direct Action to Stop the War is also working to broaden the radical anti-war movement, by building connections with other movements for social justice, people’s power, and environmental sustainability. Together with Green Action and the West County Toxics Coalition, we will be targeting the Chevron refinery in Richmond on March 15. We are taking action against Chevron to emphasize that company’s complicity in creating an Iraq Oil Law that economically exploits the Iraqi people. We are also standing alongside environmental justice movements that struggle against the industrial poisoning of American communities of color.

Direct Action to Stop the War will also be targeting Democratic and Republican presidential candidates and politicians on February 5 – and drawing attention to the complicity of both political parties in funding this endless war on the Iraqi people.

Join us, and help build an inclusive, anti-authoritarian network that welcomes anyone and everyone opposed to endless militarism and war.



actions on presidential primary day
feb. 5 at 5 pm
meet at frank ogawa plaza in oakland and un plaza in s.f.

action against chevron refinery
co-sponsored by green action and
west county toxics coalition
rally: march 15, 11 am
w. cutting blvd. & s. garrard blvd., richmond
direct action: march 15, 1 pm
841 chevron way, richmond
(shuttle buses from richmond bart)

downtown s.f. day of direct action
multiple actions at multiple locations
mar. 19, 7:30 am, market & sansome
war machine tours of shame leaving
throughout the day

next organizing meeting:
sunday, jan. 20 at 4 pm
la peña (3105 shattuck in berkeley)

direct action to stop the war
takedirectaction [at] riseup [dot] net
(510) 984-2566

[Download this as PDF, make copies and distributed widely]



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