Resist the RNC: Sept. 1st in St. Paul

22 08 2008

The First (slightly tongue-in-cheek) Communique from UA in the Bay:

As the spectre of the electoral farce looms on the American horizon, we who would imagine democracy to look otherwise, harbor not the audacity of blind hope, but of negation. We who watch, from within dying cities and hollowed-out towns the economic decline of the American Imperialist beast know the charades of Denver and St. Paul to be so much deck chair rearranging on this sinking ship. We know the militarism, imperial forays and consumer extremism to be the last gasps of a self-imploding world order. We watch with sardonic smiles maybe, knowing the world will be better for it! The time has never been more ripe nor more urgent for organized mass resistance, so we converge on Denver and St. Paul this summer to be the no to their affirmations of capitalist exploitation, imperialism, and the systemic violence of racism, sexism and homophobia therein. To manifest our alternative visions and actualize, if only for a transitory moment, prefigurations of mutual aid and autonomy. Our strength lies foremost in our asymmetry, in our ability to be not like them. Our resistance refuses the roles the police state would enjoy us to assume. In challenging the spectacles of both conventions, as well as the protests that counter them, we must constantly remake ourselves, push our conceptual limits and be what is least expected. We, with Unconventional Action in the San Francisco Bay Area (UA in the Bay), seek to remake and re-imagine street actions while drawing upon the rich legacy of the global anti-capitalist movement. In the spirit of the RNC Welcoming Committee’s efforts to playfully detourne the discourse of mass protest, we claim sector 4 and propose to add a little friendly competition (however un-anarchist that may sound) to the mix of mayhem in the streets of St. Paul. The name of the game: Barricade Building Contest! We will swarm, we will seize and our presence will stay. Special categories include Biggest, Baddest Barricade, Best use of found materials, Best use of vehicle(s), Best strategic Location, Greenest Barricade, Most difficult to remove. Contest open to all comers of all locations. No limit on number of entries submitted. Winners to be determined by GOP delegates based on their inability to attend the convention. The Prize: Total Freedom (naturally).

The time is nigh to re-establish the barricade in the popular American imaginary–to call upon this particular tactic of resistance that has the unique capacity not only to disrupt the convention, but also to remake the urban space, to reorient psycho-geography along lines incongruous to capitalist production modes and notions of private property. To reclaim the urban commons with a collective agenda, through autonomous self-determination. And to experience the ways our bodies react to moving outside of dead time and economic constraints. Barricades have comprised the front lines of resistance from Oaxaca to Argentina. From Spain 1936 to France 1968. From the communards to the piqueteros. The barricade flashes up at a moment of danger, connecting us to a historical narrative that is still being written. A las barricadas! No pasaran! Sous les paves la plage! Que se vayan a todos! We build up the barricades to bring down the capitalist war machine. Join Sector 4 on September 1st, where the streets are ours, the sky is the limit and the medium the message. Up against the barricades motherfucker! See you in St. Paul! See you at the Barricades!

UA in the Bay, Sector 4 meeting in St. Paul:

Saturday, August 30th at 2pm, 627 Smith Ave S



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