3 01 2009

Direct Action in Solidarity with Gaza
Monday, January 5th, 8AM
Market and Montgomery, outside Sen. Diane Feinstein’s office
Mass Civil Disobedience
Arrestable and Non-Arrestable Actions
Rain or Shine

Gaza Action, a coalition of Arab, Jewish, and allied anti-occupation groups, is organizing a response to the ground invasion of Gaza. We invite your organization to co-sponsor and to attend the civil disobedience planned for Monday. We will host both arrestable and non-arrestable actions. We also encourage your organization to form an affinity group and select specific targets for hard blockades.

In the last week Israel has shown the brutality of its illegal war against the people of Palestine. And we have witnessed the US government’s unwavering support for these crimes. It is up to us to stop them. By targeting business a usual in San Francisco we up the social cost war-makers must consider when planning these assaults. By targeting the Congressional leadership based in San Francisco we send a clear message: “End US support for Israel. Stop the $3 billion in yearly military aid to Israel. End the assault, end the siege, and end the occupation.”

For more information go to

or email

if your affinity group would like to co-ordinate actions email

Gaza Action is: Arab Resource and Organizing Center, Al-Awda, Free Palestine Alliance, Arab American Union Members Council, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, the ANSWER Coalition, Direct Action to Stop the War, Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism, Women in Black, International Action Center



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