March 20: Rally & Hearing Against Chevron’s Dirty Crude Refining Expansion!

20 03 2008


Thursday, March 20, 2008
6:15 – Rally Outside of Richmond City Hall
7:00 – Planning Commission Hearing (bring food and snacks– we need folks to stay for the whole hearing!). To testify people need to sign up before 7pm and 1-3 minute public testimony will take place around 10pm.

Richmond City Council
1401 Marina Way South (past Regatta)

*Carpool-Offer a Ride or Catch one at 5:45 Richmond BART (510 967-7377)
* AC transit bus #74 stops near by
* Driving Directions: From Oakland/East of Richmond:Take I-580 W. Take the CUTTING BLVD exit toward HARBOUR WAY SOUTH. Turn RIGHT onto CUTTING BLVD. Turn RIGHT onto MARINA WAY S.

Community Demands:

* No Increase In pollution! Reduce Current Pollution Levels!
* Environmental justice, worker justice and right to know are a must!
* Chevron’s expansion must provide a meaningful
public review process, including considering alternatives to refining dirtier crude!
* Recirculation of the EIR! Suspend the approval process until there is full disclosure of changes in crude oil stock & its impacts!

We are encouraging all residents of Richmond and surrounding communities (Bay Area-wide) to make testimony at this hearing. Please demand that the Planning Commission suspend the process, recirculate the Final EIR (environmental impact report) as it is missing emissions data and does not disclose the true scope of this project.

Additionally, let them know that you don’t want any dirtier crude refined in Richmond.

See Communities for a Better Environment.
See the agenda on the hearing and more info.

For more information please contact:
Jessica Tovar 510-302-0430 ext 24
Dr Henry Clark 510- 232-3427

March 15: Chevron Direct Action and Rally

14 03 2008

cosponsored by Greenaction, West County Toxics Coalition, Amazon Watch, Richmond Progressive Alliance, Richmond Greens, Community Health Initiative, Communities for a Better Environment, Global Exchange, and Rainforest Action Network.

IMPORTANT INFO: Print DASW’s Map (PDF) and Orientation Sheet (PDF) for March 15!

9 – 11am – Check out or join the Bay Area Peace Navy! (We know the Coast Guard will be!)

11am­ Rally at Judge G. Carroll Park
W. Cutting Blvd & S. Garrard Blvd, Richmond (map)

1pm­ Nonviolent Direct Action at Chevron Refinery
100 Chevron Way, Richmond (map)
(Free shuttle buses will leave from Richmond BART and Point Richmond – 3rd St. and Chesley Ave – at 9:30am, 10:30 AM, 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM.)

Join the March 15 & 19 DASW Text Mob to stay updated through the day:
Send a text to 40404 with the words “follow dasw” (case sensitive, no quotation marks). Standard rates apply.

The National Lawyers Guild legal hotline for arrestees is 415-285-1011. View the Direct Action to Stop the War Legal website.

The purpose of this action is shut the Chevron refinery down for the day, and to support community efforts to stop Chevron from expanding its refinery, which will increase pollution and cause asthma, cancer and rising death rates in surrounding communities. Chevron is driving the war and occupation in Iraq, refining over a million barrels of stolen Iraqi oil in Richmond a month, and actively lobbying for the privatization of Iraq¹s oil fields so companies like Chevron can seize control of them. Join us, and help send a clear message to Chevron: Stop stealing Iraqi oil, and stop polluting our communities! See our Chevron fact sheet. (Chevron fact sheet with footnotes.)

We will shut down the Richmond Chevron refinery by land, by bike, and by sea. We’re asking that you form an affinity group, and help us shut down Chevron. Here’s some ways you can plug in and help out:

1. Get together with a group of your friends, and help blockade the refinery (please check in with the Chevron working group if you want to do this – their email address is dasw.chevron [at]

2. To get involved in with the bike brigade, contact Bria at brihannala [at]

3. If you have a boat, you can join the ‘DASW Yacht Club! If you’re interested in this, please contact dasw.chevron [at]

4. If these options don’t sound appealing to you, there are many, many other important roles you can play in this action. Please come to the next Chevron organizing meeting (check back for details).

5. If helping organize this action isn’t something you have time for, you can just show up at Carroll Park (W. Cutting Blvd. and S. Garrard Blvd.
in Richmond) on March 15th, at 11am. And please tell your friends!