Take Direct Action to Stop the War

18 02 2008

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MARCH 2008


On March 19, 2008, it will have been five years since the U.S. invasion of Iraq. After five years of occupation, vast majorities of Americans, Iraqi Shias, Iraqi Sunnis, and U.S. troops in Iraq want the U.S. to withdraw within the next year.

And yet, the killing goes on. A January 2008 demographic study by a British independent polling agency found that violence has claimed the lives of at least 946,000 Iraqis since March 2003 – about as many people as live in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Richmond combined.

But it’s not just Iraq that’s being torn apart by the U.S. war machine. According to data from the U.S. OMB, our government has spent over $2.8 trillion on the military since 2003 – and this uncontrolled spending has crippled our society. March 19, 2008, provides us with a key opportunity to think about what we would do with $2.8 trillion – for example, fund universal health care, rebuild schools in poor communities, or build new houses for the New Orleans residents displaced by Katrina.

But the U.S. government, ignoring our protests against massive cuts to social programs, instead pours money into empire-building – into expanding its political and economic power over the people of the world. The U.S. government is attacking Iraq, and at the same time is fighting a war against poor people and communities of color, both in America and throughout the world. These two wars are in fact one and the same, and each of them fuels the other. We must put an end to both.

Direct Action to Stop the War is a decentralized, unaffiliated network of Bay Area affinity groups and individuals. We are taking direct action because the U.S. political system – in the face of growing opposition to the war – has refused to take concrete steps to end it. It is up to actively confront the economic and political interests behind the war, and demand that the U.S. immediately and unconditionally withdraw all its troops from Iraq.


We are asking you to join us at our next organizing meeting, and help plan a city-wide day of coordinated, decentralized, and nonviolent direct actions on March 19, against government warmakers and corporate war profiteers in downtown San Francisco. Potential targets include:

Bechtel (50 Beale St.)
Carlyle Group and URS Corp. (600 Montgomery St.)
Chevron (345 California St.)
Booz Allen Hamilton (101 California St.)
U.S. Export-Import Bank (250 Montgomery St.)
Army Recruiting Office (670 Davis St.)
Fox News (901 Battery St.)
British Consulate and Citigroup (1 Sansome St.)
Federal Building (450 Golden Gate Ave.)
Dianne Feinstein’s office (1 Post St.)

For a complete menu of targets, see http://www.actagainstwar.net.

We hope that you will join or create a group of activists, come to one of our organizing meetings, and plan your own direct action against one of these targets. And if you want to help out but don’t want to risk arrest, please come to our next organizing meeting and help us organize, or just show up at Market & Sansome on March 19.

Also, on March 15, Direct Action to Stop the War – in cooperation with the West County Toxics Coalition and Greenaction – will be taking ct action against the Chevron refinery in Richmond.

We are targeting Chevron both in order to expose their complicity in creating the Iraqi Oil Law, and in order to stand in solidarity with environmental justice movements that struggle against the industrial poisoning of U.S. communities of color.

Join us, and help us build an inclusive, anti-authoritarian network that welcomes anyone and everyone opposed to endless militarism and war.



Richmond Chevron Refinery Action
Co-sponsored by West County Toxics
Coalition and Greenaction

Rally: March 15, 11 am
W. Cutting Blvd. & S. Garrard Blvd., Richmond

Direct Action: March 15, 1 pm
841 Chevron Way, Richmond
(shuttle buses from Richmond BART)

Downtown S.F. Day of Direct Action
Multiple actions at multiple locations
March 19, 7:30 am, Market & Sansome
War machine tours of shame leaving
throughout the day

Next organizing meeting:
Sunday, March 2 at 4 pm
AK Press 674-A 23rd Street, Oakland

Direct Action to Stop the War
takedirectaction [at] riseup.net
(510) 984-2566

Artwork by Veronica Lopez and Siri Margerin.

[Download this as a PDF, make copies, and distribute widely!]