Action Ideas for March 19th

  • Get together with a group of your friends and plan a direct action against a government or corporate office on March 19th.
  • There are many, many other vital roles you can play in this action. Please come to our next organizing meeting and plug in.
  • Take the day off work or school and meet up with us at Market & Sansome starting at 7:30am. Snake marches will be leaving Market & Sansome throughout the day, and going on “tours of shame” of the different war profiteers in downtown SF (and supporting the direct actions, which will be ongoing throughout the day).
  • Come to the next March 19th working group meeting. This is a meeting for folks who are interested in planning the action, coordinating the snake marches, and helping out with other logistical needs.

If you decide to plan an action, contact Adrian (adrianw [at] and tell him where and when your action will take place (so that he can let you know if someone else is planning on doing an action at that same location); anything you tell him will be strictly confidential.

Here’s some suggestions of what kinds of actions you could do at a corporate or government office (and, of course, you could always do more than one):

  • *Blockade the entrance to the building.* (If you feel up to it, we’d strongly encourage you to try to do a blockade/occupation of some sort, and we’d be glad to help you out with planning and logistics. Email the March 19th working group at dasw.march19th [at] to learn more.)
  • Occupy their office by handcuffing yourselves to desks or doorways.
  • Do a sit-in or die-in in their office.
  • Do creative and attention-grabbing street theater outside, educating people about what that company is doing (we can help you do research on the company).
  • Hang a banner from their building (again, we can help you out with that).
  • Try to get into the company’s office and do a creative action (present a mock award, deliver a coffin, hold an impromptu ‘dance party for peace’…).

Or, you could do an action that isn’t specific to any single location – like altering billboards, or forming a roving bike brigade that pelts corporate offices with rotten vegetables, or anything else you can come up with! Basically, we would encourage you to be creative, come up with an anti-war action that excites you and your group, and then do it! And if you belong to a smaller group, you could always get together with other groups and do an action together. And, of course, we’re here to support you in any way we can. Email us at dasw.march19th [at] if you need any specific support, or have any questions.

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